Forever21 Chiffon Blouse & American Apparel Shorts

This is Manmo – she’s 22 and works in the apparel industry. Manmo is wearing a blue chiffon blouse with white trim from Forever21 with black tights and black cuffed shorts from American Apparel. Her black suede rocking horse shoes with ankle straps are from Tokyo Bopper. Accessories include a black felt hat and some cute stuffed toys clipped to her resale tote bag.

When we asked about her favorite fashion sources and music, Manmo’s answer was Agosto Shop and One OK Rock. If you read Japanese you can follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    this is really Zen simple……..nice blue……..simple black hat : Winner ichiban : )

  2. So many people in Japan have such clear skin. I need some of that humidity!