Fox in a Kimono Japanese Subculture Street Style in Harajuku

While out for a walk on the streets of Harajuku, we came upon Miu, an office worker whose fox in a kimono folklore inspired streetwear style caught our attention.

Miu stepped out wearing a red patterned kimono over a white asymmetrical coat with a high low hem, which is layered over a navy blue shirt and black fingerless gloves hooked over his middle fingers with gold rings. He styled his layered tops with a long red-and-black skirt with side slits, floral and geometric prints and red embroidered button details, donned a black pleated front skirt panel and finished off his outfit with a dark blue and white bow obi belt with matching floral and geometric prints. Miu slipped into black lace-up leather boots and carried a brown leather tote bag. He styled his hair with a long ash blonde wig, wore a handmade wolf ears headpiece embellished with flower buttons, tassels and beads, and peacock feathers. Red eye makeup, blue contacts and a green button jewelry on his forehead rounded out Miu’s handmade street style.

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