FRAPBOIS 2009 A/W Timberline

The women’s Autumn / Winter 2009 collection by Japanese fashion brand FRAPBOIS went on sale tonight at Zozo. The collection is called “Timberline” and it features cute designs in earthy colors with many pieces adhering to a layered baggy look.

Frapbois Timberline at Zozo

The pieces in this FRAPBOIS collection include pants, shorts, tops, dresses, shoes, leggings, bags and other accessories. Here are pictures of a few of the items Zozo released today:

Frapbois Fashion Brand

Frapbois Leggings

Frapbois Dress

Frapbois Dress

Frapbois Outfit

Frapbois Pants

Frapbois Boots

Frapbois Sneakers

The FRAPBOIS collection went on sale only hours ago at the Japanese online shop Zozo Resort. Many of these items are guaranteed to sell out quickly, if not sooner.

Also, here is some English language FRAPBOIS brand info.

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