Japanese Street Style Interview Videos – “Our Streets, My Style” 2018

Tokyo Fashion is proud to introduce a new original video interview series called “Our Streets, My Style”.

While street snaps are great for showcasing the eclectic fashion of Tokyo, the stories of the people featured our daily photographs are often more interesting than their coordinates. Spending days, months, and years on the streets of Harajuku, we get to know many of the kids we photograph – each with their own unique story and personality. These stories are important to understanding why Japanese young people come to Harajuku and why they choose to wear the fashion they wear.

For this new interview series, we’re sitting down with some of the kids we see most frequently in Harajuku to ask them about their own personal style, about how Harajuku has impacted their lives, about what their dreams for the future look like. Please check out the videos below, or click over to “Our Streets, My Style” on YouTube.

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