Freesia Lace Dress, Hair Bow & Roses on Toes

This cute auburn-haired Japanese girl is an 18-year-old student named Koike. She’s wearing a fresh white lace-trimmed dress with blue trim at the hem from Freesia. Her red platform shoes are embellished with large fabric roses; she bought them in Harajuku on Takeshita Dori. That’s also where she bought her straw lace-trimmed purse. A flowered hair bow completes her look.

Koike’s favorite designer is Cecil McBee. She also likes the J-pop singer Kana Nishino.
Hair bow & red shoes trimmed with roses

Freesia lace-trimmed dress & basket purse

Straw purse from Takeshita Dori

Red shoes with fabric roses from Takeshita Dori

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  1. This is so cute, i love the bunny ears hair band! sweet little broderie anglaise style top! a great summer outfit!! x

  2. She’s really adorable :)
    Her outfit is nice and simple which is always a good thing, I’m actually getting a little bored of seeing too many layers, plus it makes me wonder how they’re not dying from heat exhaustion!! XD

  3. Bianca Devon

    She’s so adorable and sweet :D I love her outfit because it looks very fresh and it’s perfect for summer. And the straw bag is a must-have this summer so I guess she’s perfect.

  4. does anyone have a tutorial on how tie a hair bow like that? it’s so cute, and i want to make one like it!

  5. That’s perfect on her… her face even looks kind of like a bunny ^__^

  6. @miss nas
    Those bandanas are lined with wire, so they are really easy to style and thats how they stick up like “bunny ears”. you can buy them at clairs in Japan and pretty much any accessory shop, theyre really in this summer.

  7. @花
    thank you!!! I appreciate your response :)

  8. It’s wonderful and simple, but wonderful slippers, I wish to know how much its price in Japan, and whether there are other bright color……….