Frida Kahlo, Butterflies & Dicokick in Harajuku

We ran into this cool Japanese girl while walking on Cat Street in Harajuku. The first thing that caught our attention was her colored hair and butterfly hair pieces. Besides her cool hairstyle, she also had some large ear piercings and a lot of accessories from the Japanese brand Dicokick. The Dicokock shop is actually located further down Cat Street – not too far from where this picture was taken.

She told us that her backpack – which features a large image of the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo – was purchased at a vintage/resale shop. Other items in her outfit include a leather fringe vest, a matching red top and long skirt (both of which look “ethnic” influenced), interesting shoes and Solmate brand socks. Here at, we love Solmate socks – sold in non-matching pairs, they’re knitted from recycled cotton. Even though the socks are a bit expensive in Japan, they’re quite popular here.

Cool Fashion & Hair in Harajuku

Frida Kahlo Backpack

Butterfly Hairpiece in Tokyo

Solmate Socks & Cool Shoes

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  1. I love this whole outfit! Ecspeacially the shoes with the unmatched socks <3

  2. I’m so curious about the necklace… It looks like marshmallows strung together. It would blow my mind in such a good way if it really were a necklace of marshmallows! Love the beauty.

  3. it’s a bit too many things at once but backpack is awesome (I really like Frida Kahlo’s art) and those butterflies are just cute.

  4. I think the backpack is a great piece that makes a statement about every other piece the ensemble. I especially like the shoes.

  5. PJ Parker

    I love this.
    Everything about her outfit says art/fashion/design student.

    Very cute.