Fur Shawl & Exotic Creepers vs. AndA Dress & Dr. Martens Boots

Here are two cute beauticians that we photographed in Harajuku. The girl on the right with green-tipped hair is Shiho. She’s wearing a black jacket over a black dress from AndA with boots from Dr. Martens. Her shiny handbag is from a resale shop.

The girl on the left is Nana. She’s wearing a double-breasted blazer from Heather with a short skirt and tights that are covered in hearts. Her shoes are animal print creepers. She’s also wearing a black shawl trimmed with fur and fringe. Her accessories include a tan leather purse from Courreges and a Vivienne Westwood ring.

When we asked the girls about their favorite fashion sources, Nana said she likes Nadia, Heather and KAWI JAMELE. Both of them said their favorite music is by back number.

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  1. Dreaded Queen

    Nana. I miss that show :(. They r really cute. Loving the green hair and nana’s whole look except those creepers. I can’t get with them