Fuzzy Sweater, Over The Knee Tube Socks & Shorts

This cutely-dressed girl is Yunae, a college student originally from South Korea who we met on the street in Harajuku. Yunae is active on Twitter as diskoala, where she tweets in both Japanese and Korean.

In these street snaps, Yunae is wearing a colorful fuzzy sweater over a lipstick-print top, distressed white shorts, over the knee tube socks with stripes, and purple heels. She said that one of her tops is by “Viva Glam Up”, which a quick Google search shows may be a brand/shop from Seoul. Her accessories include a large tasseled leopard print bag from XME, a bracelet from Marc Jacobs, a silver ring, several ear piercings, and a couple of cool neck tattoos.

When we asked Yunae about music, she said that she’s really into the Ed Banger DJ Breakbot!

Click any of the street snaps to enlarge them.

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  1. Mmmm YUMMY! I want 2 KISS everywhere I C lips on UR shirt!

  2. I think shoes and socks let down and wonderful outfit…

  3. TJ Artist

    I against my will :) like the sweater. I wonder how it was made??? Hmmmm…

  4. Most fascinating blog. Iam following and keeping your blog in my blogroll.

  5. Shes very cute…one of the very few on this who SMILES actually…love her style!!!

  6. beautifully walks the line between cutesey and sexy. Love her.