Performance Artist Gaff E in Harajuku w/ Pink & Orange Hair

Creative people from all over the world come to Harajuku for inspiration and stimulation. Gaff E is an Australian performance artist who we met in Harajuku. She caught our eye with her unique hairstyle: shaved on the sides, with platinum blonde twin tails and a pink-orange-yellow top. She accessorized with eyeball bow hair ties.

She is wearing a colorful outfit, with high waist pink pants, a camel print button down tied under the bust and a long cardigan. She is also wearing sneakers and a doll head ring.

She told us Kitakore Building is her favorite place to shop in Tokyo, and that she listens to Trippples Nippples and obscure disco in general. Find out more about her and what she does on her blog or YouTube.

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  1. Ok, she’s pretty cool. The blue paint on her fingers and (accidentally?) splashed upon her pants ismy favorite part. The top looks good on her, I think I’ll go cut one of my shirts into a tie-up shirt now!

  2. Who else feels like sticking a bunch of Barbie heads on their fingers now? ^_^

  3. She listens to Trippple Nippples? I already love her

  4. her pants are not way too high. that’s pretty normal. her style reminds me of the 80s as well :}

  5. KarolinaChoi

    Why would someone think her pants are too high? High waisted jeans, shorts and disco pants are soooo in style now nearly everyone has a pair here in England :/

  6. KarolinaChoi, because when Tokyo Fashion post pictures of a non-Japanese person there always is someone who has to criticize? I guess some are jealous– not only did those people get a chance to visit Japan, they also were photographed by Tokyo Fashion.