Gaijin & Hikari Resale Summer Style in Harajuku

Megumi is a 17-year-old student that we met in Harajuku. Her auburn hair is styled with bangs and a braided crown. She’s wearing a short ivory cotton dress with an embroidered collar from Gaijin, a resale shop in the Koenji area of Tokyo, and a tan leather belt with a matching cross-body purse. Her black leather shoes with ankle wraps are from Hikari, another resale shop in Koenji. She’s also wearing lacey ankle socks.

Megumi told us her favorite places to shop are Gaijin and Hikari.
Ivory cotton dress w/ embroidered collar

Tan leather belt & matching purse

Auburn hair with braided crown & peach bow

Leather cross-body purse from Hikari

Tokyo Bopper shoes w/ lacey socks

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  1. She’s really beautiful and that dress in amazing!
    Looks really classy!

  2. 1st shes really pretty love her hair and style.


  3. i would have worn it differently but the dress and the hair are pretty cool <3

  4. Very pretty, I’ve always wanted to figure out how to get my hair like that.

  5. Daang! She’s beautiful,can’t believe she’s actually 17! But her outfit looks nice and cute…Plus she got some good damn legs! <3

  6. sweet little dress,so cute.the little white socks
    are adorable with it