Galaxxxy Pizza Print, Retro Game Boy & Circus Harajuku Socks

Kanata is an 18-year-old fashion student who we sometimes see around Harajuku.

In addition to his colorful hair and cute nail art, Kanata is wearing a resale “Orlando” sports jersey with Galaxxxy pizza print shorts and Buffalo platform boots. Accessories include a Banal Chic Bizarre cap, a retro Game Boy Color (check the closeup, he paused his game for street snaps), a ring, lots of ear piercings, colorful socks from The Circus Harajuku, and Jansport backpack.

Kanata’s favorite shop is The Circus Harajuku and he enjoys the music of Creephyp. Find Kanata on Twitter for more info and pictures.

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  1. Whoa, friends with Elleanor! XD All the fashionable Japanese kids really know each other, huh? So fun~~