Galaxxxy, Rodeo Clowns & Emu Boots

This cute Japanese girl with long hair and oversized glasses is Meg, who is 21 years old and works in the medical field. Her bright graphic top is from Galaxxxy and she’s carrying a Galaxxxy shopping bag.

Meg’s short denim skirt is from Rodeo Clowns. She’s also wearing black tights and suede Emu boots. Her accessories are from Wakatsuki Chinatsu and her black messenger bag is from the Manhattan brand.

We asked about some of her favorites and she told us that Ralph Lauren is her favorite designer and she likes the music of Lady Gaga.
Galaxxxy, Rodeo Clowns & Emu Boots

Long hair, glasses & Galaxxxy top

Manhattan bag

Black tights & suede Emu boots

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  1. That’s the coolest Manhattan Portage I’ve seen so far

  2. I love the print of her jacket!
    Chuck from the anime “Panty & Stocking” is on it :D
    I would give everything to get a jacket like this one!

    BTW; her hair is awesome! <3

  3. The little character on her jacket looks like GIR! love this girls style

  4. I think it’s so beautiful and fashionable that I like it!!!!!

  5. Love the hoodie!!!! XDD Too bad she didn’t show off her tee!
    Oh btw.. how do girls keep their hair like that?? soo pretty!

  6. Very cool outfit!!! (^O^☆♪(^O^☆♪