Galaxxxy & Sex Pot Revenge Fashion in Harajuku

These two Japanese girls were photographed in Harajuku. The girl on the left is wearing a gray and black Galaxxxy sweater (or sweater dress?) with a geometric pattern, black shiny leggings, and ankle boots. Her accessories include a colorful Plaring ring, headphones, a black bag, a scarf, and a big metal necklace.

The other girl is wearing a hat with holes in it, glasses, a blue Sex Pot Revenge leather jacket over a Galaxxxy top, shiny leggings (or pants?) with a pattern , and black heels. Her accessories include a scarf and a cute backpack with a face on it which can be unzipped to show a tongue and an eyeball. She said that her favorite shops/brands are Galaxxxy, Punk Drunkers, and MxMxM (Magical Mosh Misfits). Her favorite bands include Linkin Park and Muse.

Japanese Girls in Galaxxxy Fashion

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  1. Both really interesting outfits.
    I think I prefer the girl on right’s a little more, I just like the monochrome theme i think P:

  2. jesika lin

    love the blue leather jacket and the tee shirt with ancient sculpture print!! that girl is mad stylin.

  3. Ooohhh I love them both!!! No objection whatsoever! <3 They rock!

  4. nana-chan

    i like the girl w/the scarf better i think
    omg i totally <3 sex pot revenge fave brand eva!!!

  5. I love both of these looks for different reasons. I adore the monochrome of Ms. Right, and the blue leather jacket of Ms. Left. Both are fantastic! <3

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  7. Both girls are chic! Their outfit is so edgy and suit them perfectly.

  8. Cool looking~
    Extremely nice <3
    Esp the girl on the right.
    Wonder where she get her ankle boots

  9. The blue leather jacket is awesome and I also love her hair :)
    The other one has awesome headphones!

  10. i love the whole thing!! and they both look so very warm