Galaxxxy Sweater x Matching Hoodie & Leggings

This blonde-haired girl with round Mykita sunglasses is Matsuri, a 22-year-old who describes herself as a furita. Her outfit features resale items, include a blue and yellow hoodie, matching leggings and a striped fleece coat. Her long black sweater is from Galaxxxy. Her shoes are black platform half boots and her abstract-art decorated purse is handmade.

Matsuri’s favorite fashion brands and shops are Chanel and Yohji Yamamaoto. You can see more pictures of Matsuri on her blog.
Matching Hoodie & Leggings

Striped fleece coat

Blonde hair & round glasses

Handmade purse

Black platform boots

Decorated cell phone

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  1. phone is damn ugly : ( i like the shoes and bag tho

  2. This outfot is quite amazing. Everything just looks so well together, and I love the use of color! And the glasses are so cool looking and suit her :3

  3. I got more distracted by the person in the background of the first photo all in purple :D

    But I do like her leggings :)

  4. I’m totally distracted by the “neckface!!” grafitti in the background of the first photo, but man. She pulls her look off really well. I like how it all fits together.

  5. Yes, she’s always so interesting! She’s on RIDSNAP a lot too. She looks great, but she usually has a lot more layers and length going on to her clothes. Cool style! :)