Galliano Gazette & Bernhard Wilhelm Teddy Bears

This 22-year-old shop staffer is wearing an oversized shirt from Patrik Soderstam and teddy bear print shorts from Bernhard Wilhelm. He’s carrying one of John Gallianos’s Gazette print handbags. His white shoes are from Nike.

Completing his trendy look is two-colored layered hair, a skull ring and cool sunglasses from Yoshiko Creation Paris.

We asked him what he’s listening to these days and he said Ling Toshite Shigure.
Galliano Gazette bag & Bernhard Wilhelm teddy bear shorts

Patrik Soderstam top

Two tone layered hair

John Gallianos’s Gazette print handbags

Silver and skull rings

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  1. Ling Toshite Shigure is a good band.
    The look of this guy sucks.
    sorry this is not fashion!! u have to accept the truth

  2. Mindaugas

    It would be better if he could mess up his hair. Even I like people who like to dress unique but this guy looks too girly…

  3. Love the shades & the ring :D
    What is fashion then, Krizd?

  4. This site is so democratic that delete my posts!!
    Fashion is not a freak show or random dressed people with kitsch gadgets.
    Fashion is a general term for the style,mostly common referred to clothing style and clothes design.

    Will tell u more if they don’t delete my post again.
    This is so NOT professional.

  5. This guy is always on street style sites and TUNE magazine. He dresses very avant-garde, and often wears clothes that some would consider more girlish..Either way, his style is still interesting, and those are NOT cheap brands. He’s paying a lot for this look. I also like that he’s always wearing Bernhard Willhelm….

    SPEAKING of Bernhard Willhelm..Does anyone know where I can find men’s Bernhard Willhelm in Tokyo? The Parco Shibuya store no longer exists, and I’ve searched and searched online. Seibu in Shibuya has women’s, but no mens.

    IF ANYONE KNOWS, could you please comment on my blog and let me know? I would say comment here but I will probably never see this again. Sorry. Thank you!

  6. Fashion is, just like any form of art and expression, subjective and therefore subjected to general opinion. The only forms of it that are generally acceptable are those trends that stood the test of time and still hold on, like elegant, classic etc. Any other forms are just trends, avant-gardist styles that must demonstrate, in tens of years to come, that they can resist. Like for example the Victorian fashion who always comes into trends. Other forms, like what this guy’s wearing, are just passing forms, which may or may not be art, depending on each person’s opinion. But, taking this into account, it means it’s not set in stone, ergo anyone can have a different opinion about it, not having it deleted because it doesn’t fit what others think.

    And spending a lot of money on clothes doesn’t make you fashionable. Dressing with good taste however does, even if you spend few money.

  7. I see what you mean, and I definitely wasn’t saying expensive clothes make someone fashionable. I just meant he’s paying a lot to look like this, haha, which says something about him.

  8. Hey are you sure those sunglasses are not Sheefun Chan for Anne Sophie Sack drip sunglasses? I’m almost 100% sure that’s what they are. If they are not then those are an exact copy of them.

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  10. Something amazing and creative always gets criticism.;)