Game-Themed Harajuku Street Style w/ Famicom, Barbie & Pokemon

Nontan is a 17-year-old student whose twintails and game-themed look caught our eye in Harajuku.

She’s wearing a resale graphic t-shirt with a resale polka dot bubble wrap skirt over shorts and WEGO platform boots. Nontan’s accessories – including a Super Famicom game controller necklace, a Barbie doll, a heart shaped circuit board brooch, and an Adidas backpack decorated with several Pokemon cards and another Super Famicom controller – are what really puts the outfit over the top!

Nontan told us that her favorite place to shop is Kinji Harajuku and that her favorite band is Kana-boon. For more info and pics, find Nontan on Twitter.

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  1. Really? A game controller as necklace? (눈_눈)