Gap & Chicago vs. Givenchy & Marc Jacobs

We met this couple in Harajuku and had to get some pictures of their casual style. On the right with a black head band is Takahiro, a 19-year-old student. He’s wearing a white Givenchy shirt with red cuffed shorts from a resale shop. His black boots are from Dr. Martens. His accessories include a Marc Jacobs bangle that he bought at the Omotesando shop, another bangle and a ring. His cool quilted black backpack is also from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

The cute girl on the left with a red knitted headband is Ishii, also an 18-year-old college student. Her faded denim overalls from a shop named Chicago are worn with a white Gap blouse. Like her friend Takahiro, she’s wearing Dr. Martens shoes. Her purse if made from a shiny textured fabric.

Ishii’s accessories from American Apparel and other shops include a Timeco sports watch, a bracelet with gold studs, goggles around her neck, a delicate gold star necklace. Fun touches are a Cub Scout neckerchief and a toy soldier peeking out of the pockets of her overalls.

When we asked the couple about their favorite designers and shops, Takahiro’s answer was Marc Jacobs and Ishii’s was Nadia. We also asked about favorite music. Takahiro said he likes L’Arc-en-Ciel and Red Hot Chili Peppers while Ishii’s choice is Shakalabbits.
Girl in Gap & Chicago w/ guy in Givenchy & Marc Jacobs

Givency shirt & black head band

Marc Jacobs quilted backpack

Marc Jacobs bangle w/ bangle & ring

Dr. Martens boots

Gap blouse, red head band & goggles

Chicago overalls & toy soldier

Shiny textured purse

Timeco sports watch & studded bracelet

Dr. Martens shoes

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  1. Awh, cute ^^ I like the headbands, and her dungarees are cute too :)
    I like that she has a little army man in her pocket X3

    They both have such good taste in music too ^^

  2. shes a vampire look at her teath:Dlove her outfit!!

  3. Lova his Marc Jacobs bag it’s nice!!! Wow for both to use headband to look matching~~~ n her toy to dress her jumper!!!!! Suigoi >>>333 

  4. The necklace is by Kasuu Kobo, and it was a limited-edition for Tanabata this year only. ^^v

  5. wow the girl is so cute ! ♥ (o* ω*)ノ gotta love the little armyman haha