The GazettE Fan in Harajuku w/ All-Black Sex Pot Revenge & Monomania Fashion

Kurumi is a 19-year-old The GazettE and Codomo Dragon fan who we met on the famous Cat Street in Harajuku.

Kurumi is wearing a studded leather jacket that she bought mailorder over a Sex Pot Revenge top, layered gothic bottoms that she picked up on Takeshita Dori, and studded platform sneakers with eyeball socks. Accessories – some of which came from Thank-You Mart – include a spike necklace, a leather choker, and a studded Monomania backpack decorated with a large eyeball pouch.

In addition to liking the Japanese bands GazettE and Codomo Dragon, Kurumi is a fan of the fashion brands Monomania and Sex Pot Revenge. For more info and pictures, follow her personal Twitter.

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