Gelato Pique Straw Handbag vs. Swimmer Pieced Purse

These two friendly girls both work in the apparel industry. Ponchan, the girl on the right, is 22 years old. She’s wearing a white chiffon maxi skirt, a white lacy top and a light pink cotton shirt from WEGO. Her cute straw handbag is from gelato pique. Her ballet flats are from ORiental Traffic and are worn with cotton lace socks.

Ponchan’s accessories from Paris Kids and other shops include a Daisy Duck toy on her purse, a small gemstone ring and a leather watch.

The red-haired girl on the left is 21-year-old Avachi. She’s wearing a white cotton blouse and skirt, both from Wonder Rocket. Her stylish pieced purse from Swimmer is decorated with two stuffed bears. Accessories include a Swatch watch and colorful beaded bracelets.

Avachi’s shoes are pink Mary Janes from Wonder Rocket worn with lace socks.

We asked the girls about their favorite fashion sources, Ponchan said she likes gelato pique and WEGO and Avachi said her favorite is Wonder Rocket. We also asked about favorite music — Ponchan named Skull Candy and Avachi mentioned Hatsune Miku.

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  1. Love these outfits! :D
    I have the same hair as the girl on the left and am going to change it soon. But seeing her cute hair makes me want to keep it! XD

  2. they are so lovely
    i really like how they combined the light colors..
    it looks just amazing to me !!

  3. Avachi’s hair is so amazing! and her face is super cute =)