Geometric Print Dress vs. Drawstring Top & Leggings in Harajuku

Here are two free spirits showing their sense of style in Harajuku. The guy on the right is Gimo, a 23-year-old freelancer. He’s wearing a borrowed black top that features several drawstrings with black shredded leggings. His white shoes with black platform soles are from George Cox. He’s carrying a black bag from Limi Fue.

Gimo’s friend is Emi, a 19-year-old student. Emi’s hair features cool braids. She’s wearing a geometric print dress with braided detail on the neckline. Her jewelry includes a cross on a chain around her neck, a plastic bangle, a chunky metallic bracelet and two geometric rings. She’s also wearing dark stockings, black-and-white patterned ankle socks and black leather sandals. She has a colorful toy doll hanging from her embossed leather purse and she’s carrying a shopping bag from Monomania.
Geometric Print Dress vs. Drawstring Top & Leggings

Glasses & drawstring top

Black Limi Feu bag

White George Cox platform shoes

Geometric print dress w/ braid detail at neck

Japanese girl w/ braided hair

Bangle, chunky bracelet, geometric rings

Stockings, ankle socks & sandals

Embossed leather purse & colorful doll

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  1. such a fashionable couple… the guy’s top was very unique ^^ and Emi’s braid was lovely.

  2. wow, they both have very cool styles ^^ I like Emi’s keychain, bracelets and her white little bag.
    Gimo’s leggins and black bag cool too (I seriously though want to cut his bangs just a little bit ^^)

  3. They guy is pretty cute ;) he can definitely pull off the hair!

  4. Oh, I saw them photographed here before
    The girls whole outfit is really nice, hair included
    For the guy… it looks like a trashbag. A stylish one.