Gingham Dress, Panda Purse, Pom Pom Earrings & Tokyo Bopper in Harajuku

Sumi – who we often see in Harajuku – is one of the owners of the Japanese indie fashion brand/vintage shop Prismic Prism.

When we met Sumi on the street this time, she was wearing a resale flower print long sleeve shirt from Kinji Harajuku under a vintage gingham dress (also from Kinji) and Tokyo Bopper platform shoes. Accessories include a large black hair bow, pom pom earrings from Bubbles Harajuku, a pearl necklace from Kinji Harajuku, a cherries pin, a panda purse, and a graphic tote bag from Aquvii.

For more information on Sumi and Prismic Prism, find her on Twitter or Instagram. Primic Prism also has an official Twitter.

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