This pretty Japanese girl with long magenta-tipped hair is Yui, a 20-year-old student. Her pink cotton dress with eyelet trim is from a resale shop. A lavender ribbon used as a sash adds a sweet touch while the frayed hem provides an edgy look. Her black platform sneakers with pink laces from Nadia are worn with lace-trimmed socks.

Accessories include a chiffon scarf braided through her hair, several plastic beaded bracelets, a silver star bracelet and a pink Hello Kitty watch. Her transparent plastic purse with lavender fur trim is from Spank!

We asked Yui about her favorite place to shop and the answer was Spank!
Magenta-Tipped Hair & Frayed Resale Dress

Pink dress & lavender sash

Chiffon scarf braided in hair

Transparent Spank! purse w/ lavender fur trim

Plastic bead bracelets & Hello Kitty watch

Silver star bracelet

Nadia platform sneakers in Harajuku

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  1. Good style. But that dress is dangerously short :|

  2. Finally! Died ends that aren’t dull and dingy. She is positively beautiful.

  3. The dress is short?! Oh my, i put on a lot shorter dresses, this isn’t even a mini.. *.* Anyway, i love Yui’s (that i’ve seen a lot before) outfit and platform shoes! She’s a true fairy-kei lover i think; i’ve never seen her in any other style, and even though i’m more of a cult party kei lover now, i still love fairy kei influences so a big YAY to this super duper cute outfit! ^^

  4. This is adorable. I usually don’t like the dyed ends but this actually made the whole outfit!

  5. Aaw, she looks a bit sad or scared! So cute!

  6. JamJammieJam

    Still not a fan of dyed tips. I don’t think I’ll ever be.

  7. aaiiiiiaaaiiiiaaaiiii!!! totaly LIKE it!!! the hair is gorgeous <3

  8. Love the hair, i want dyed tips! overall her look is way too pink for me but she pulls it off!

  9. so pretty ! the hair’s super, really finishes the look ヾ(^∇^)

  10. where can i get the converse fro somone plz send the link for the store in japan!!

  11. Karolina

    WOW! her hair is really something! LOve IT!!!!!

  12. can some one send me a link to get these shoes or something simerla.. send it to
    Thank you XXX :)

  13. she’s so cute! like she’s lost in a dream…

  14. A good color combination…

    and a beautiful girl ….

    چه شود!!!! means (wow)