Girl’s Bobbed Hair, Marc Jacobs Purse & Beams Boy Blouse

This Japanese girl with bobbed red hair is Hikari, a 19-year-old trade school student that we met in Harajuku. She’s wearing a red pleated skirt from a resale shop with a stylish blue blouse from Beams Boy. Her gray platform shoes worn with gray ankle socks are from Tokyo Bopper.

Hikari’s accessories include a splatter print Marc Jacobs handbag, a wide black leather and elastic belt and a Timex Mickey Mouse watch. Her jewelry includes a yellow heart pin and three heart bracelets.
Bobbed Hair, Marc Jacobs Purse & Beams Boy Blouse

Blue Beam Boy blouse w/ heart pin

Japanese girl's red bob haircut

Marc Jacobs bag

Timex Snow White watch & heart bracelets

Tokyo Bopper platform shoes

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  1. So cute, and so perfect. I love every item of her look. Wowww, very much in love

  2. Great hair, great urban look. Just the sort of model I’d seek out in London for my portfolio. I MUST visit Tokyo!