Girl’s Braids, Derby Hat & The Virgin Mary Negligee

This cute 20-year-old girl with a derby hat and braids is Coppe. She’s wearing a tan jacket over a babydoll negligee (both from The Virgin Mary) and cutoff shorts from the Tokyo shop named Chicago. Her bag (which is a promotional bag from the U.S.) is another resale item from Chicago. She’s also wearing thigh-high socks and rocking horse shoes from Tokyo Bopper.

Coppe’s accessories include two Vivienne Westood silver rings (including an armor ring) and a heart-shaped silver Tiffany ring. She has two Hello Kitty buttons and a teddy bear button on her jacket. She’s also wearing a necklace with a rhinestone-encrusted teddy bear from Vivienne Westwood and a cross on a leather thong around her neck.

When we asked Coppe about her favorite shops and brands her answer was The Virgin Mary and Southpaw. She also said she likes the music of Golden Bomber. If you read Japanese, you can follow Coppe on Twitter.

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  1. the saturn rings are sooo nana {an anime} but they are from vivian westwood too but that would be awesome if she was going for a nana look

  2. This outfit is too cute for words. I particularly like her hat, the scoop neck sheer sheath that she has on, and her shoes!

  3. Her outfit is lovely!
    I love these Tokyo Bopper shoes, I never get tired of seeing them on the snaps. <3

  4. Wow… I live in DuPage County and that is my area code… :)

  5. Everyone seems to have those Nana rings. Theyre so cool.

  6. Golden Bomber fan! Her style is awesome,I love this combination~