Girl’s Denim Jacket, Fur Collar & Leather Shorts from Border’s

This is Haruka, a 16-year-old student who’s put together a stylish look with items from Border’s and resale shops. She’s wearing a dark blue denim jacket with a fur collar, an animal print top and leather shorts that lace up the front. White tights and black ruffled socks coordinate with her black-and-white creepers.

Haruku’s hair is worn in double odango with cute hair decorations. Her accessories include large tortoise-shell glasses and animal print heart earrings. Her nails are painted with glittery pink polish.

When we asked Haruka about her favorite place to shop, her answer was Nadia.

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  1. Love the outfit, especially the bat xD
    Seeing all these snaps makes me think of how I realllllly need to break in my double decker creepers (they’re so tight!) :3

  2. C ; I see many of the young people have awesome senses of style.
    Very nice outfit ~ !