Girl’s H>Fractal Spider Dress & Shredded Leggings

Mura is a nurse who has put together an eye-catching look with a spider print dress from H>Fractal (which along with Galaxxxy is her favorite fashion label), shredded black leggings and low-heeled sandals. She kept her look simple with a striking silver necklace and a graphic fabric bag from Alternative as her only accessories.

When we asked Mura about her favorite type of music the answer was techno.
H>Fractal Spider Dress & Leggings in Harajuku

H>Fractal dress & silver necklace in Harajuku

Alternative fabric tote in Harajuku

Spider dress & silver necklace in Harajuku

Shredded leggings & low-heeled sandals in Harajuku

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  1. I love this look it’s so unique and modern. this is definitely one of my favourites

  2. Nazca lines on a background of the universe represent!
    Not a huge fan of the shoes. Big ol wonky toes over the edge.

  3. young_rob101

    The leggings and the shirt are a winning combo i love it and the necklace was a nice touch. Hey guys can you please follow me on twitter i would love to talk fashion with you guys

  4. Dreaded Queen

    Love it minus the shoes. That dress and necklace r hott