Girl’s Long Curls, Plush Animal Hat, tutuHA Leather Jacket & Takenoko Bustier

Hijiri (aka Bazookistan), a 23-year-old college student, has managed to combine cute, edgy and sexy in one look. She’s wearing a leather jacket from tutuHA, a plaid and lace tiered dress from Rose Fan Fan and a white bustier from Takenoko.

She’s also wearing dotted tights and laceup boots with bow decorations from Body Line. A plush animal hat that she bought on Takeshita Dori sets off her masses of long curls. Her white leather purse is from Liz Lisa.

Bazookistan told us here favorite fashion brand is tutuHA and her favorite type of music is Eurobeat. If you read Japanese you can find out more about Bazookistan on her blog or her Twitter.

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  1. SickleSugar

    Her boots are awesome plus the bustier over the dress is magnificent! :3

  2. Stunning! love her outfit! you can tell what her personality is like a little.

  3. skirt, tights and boots…great! Plus, she’s beautiful

  4. *_* I love you…X3
    Amazing style! Everything goes perfect! :D

  5. I’m in love with her boots and that hat!!! Black leather jacket goes so nice with that dress and bustier.