Girl’s Peach Hair, All Stars Shirt, Adidas Shorts & Reebok Sneakers

This girl with peach-colored hair is Maho, an 18-year-old furita. Maho is wearing several items of athletic wear, including a Brooklyn All Stars Street Ball shirt from a resale shop and Adidas shorts. She’s also wearing black fishnet tights, striped athletic socks and black, red and white Reebok sneakers.

Accessories from Sevens and other shops include a Tokyo Disneyland button with a picture of Michael Jackson, two eyeball buttons, a red bandana worn as a headband, two plastic watches, a plastic bracelet, pink ear plugs, a variety of silver ear studs, several silver rings and a silver chain necklace. Her fabric bag printed with Kanji characters if from Muji.

We asked Maho about her favorite brands and places to shop and the answer was Sevens and monomania. She also told us her favorite music is by The Mirraz.
All Stars Shirt, Adidas Shorts & Reebok Sneakers in Harajuku

Brooklyn shirt & Michael Jackson button

Peach-colored hair & red bandana in Harajuku

Pink ear plug & silver studs in Harajuku

Muji bag in Harajuku

Plastic watches & bracelet in Harajuku

Silver ring in Harajuku

Fishnet tights & Reebok sneakers in Harajuku

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  1. LOVE! ~<3 This is such an awesome outfit, sorta reminds me of "Lovely Complex" manga! ;)

  2. I wan’t to see that clothes on a gyaruo guy. Imagine that awsome gyaruo hair and this outfit. Awsome! (sorry for all my spelling mistakes, english isn’t my first language)

  3. Sammyswisso

    love the stockings !

    ichiban hair !

    & nice braclet of stars !