Girl’s Purple Letterman Jacket, Short Shorts & Hot Pink Tights

This cute girl with striking red hair who’s dressed with eye-popping color is Tatsuyuki, an 18-year-old student. She’s wearing a purple letterman jacket from a resale shop with shorts from Thank-You Mart and hot pink tights. Her shoes are black platform boots that lace both in front and back.

Tatsuyuki’s accessories include teddy bear ear muffs and a wide gold ring. Her blue messenger bag is from Mobus.

When we asked about her favorite fashion source, Tatsuyuki told us she likes Spank!

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  1. traanster

    She is so cute <3

  2. She’s gorgeous but whoa, trippy shoes. Took me a moment to realize the last picture was the back of her shoe and not the front O_O I’d love a pair like that!

  3. Crypt Lover

    Pink and purple, can not go wrong! And beautiful hair color!

  4. I fell compledly for the hair and the jacket! Lovely woman and a great outstanding style!

  5. she looks like MIKA! love her droopy eyes D lovely red hair too

  6. Nice hair color and i’ve never seen such interesting shoes before.