Girl’s Striped Smock, Green Headband & Matching Neck Ribbon

Hitomi is age 20 and works as a beautician at Cocoon. She’s wearing a striped smock-style cotton dress with a green ribbon at the collar that matches her green headband. She’s also wearing white tights. Her leather purse is from United Arrows and her black suede shoes are from Lowrys Farm.

She also told us that she likes the music of Tokyo Incidents and that she likes to shop in resale stores.

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  1. Sammyswisso

    Kawaii simplicity that speaks honesty & clarity . Nice Tote too

  2. I think she’d look cuter with her pretty hair down~
    Anyway, I like her smock! It’s so simple. Nice to see simple shots, a welcome break from the tokyo craziness! :D