Girl’s Teal Beret, Vintage Dress & Handmade Accessories

This cute girl with a teal beret is Tariho, a 17-year-old student. Her outfit features some handmade details and unique accessories from Bunkaya Zakkaten. Her sweater from Wonder Rocket has a wide lace collar and cutout decorations of a ladybug and watercolor tube. She’s also wearing a long dress from a vintage shop and a muffler that’s embellished with a crochet square. Her jewelry includes a long necklace with two star pendants.

Tariho’s red and brown leather cross body satchel purse was purchased on Takeshita Dori. Her brown leather Dr. Martens shoes are worn with lace-trimmed socks. She also appears to have a couple of bold tattoos near her ankle.

When we asked Tariho about her favorite place to shop her answer was Grimoire. She also said her favorite music is by Yasutaka Nakata. You can see more pictures on Tariho’s blog.

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  1. She is sooo Cute! Love her style! And her tattoo makes her way more interesting!

  2. Sammyswisso

    I like the lace on the shoes & the paint tube……….kawaii !

  3. Nearly perfect and cute

    I want to dress up like this. Well, except the ladybug and watercolor tube :)