Givenchy Clown w/ Cards & Hayatochiri Suit

This cool blonde guy with sunglasses is Shu, a 19-year-old Yamano Beauty College student. He described his outfit to us as a t-shirt from Givenchy imprinted with the image of a clown and playing cards and a pajama set that he bought at Hayatochiri (a shop in Koenji’s Kitakore Building). His shoes are from Dr. Martens.

Shu’s accessories include Givenchy buttons on the straps of his large Nike SB backpack and a black knit scarf around his neck. He told us his favorite source for fashion is Supreme and his favorite type of music is US street punk.
Givenchy Clown w/ Cards & Hayatochiri Suit

Knit scarf & Givenchy clown shirt

Givenchy buttons

Nike SB backpack

Dr. Martens shoes

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  1. baka-chan

    Isn’t he going to scare little kids wearing that? XD

  2. Absolutely, it´s pajamas, but somehow… it works… XD”

  3. I have no word to cmt about him becoz he made me surprise. He’s valiant when mixin pijamas as that :)) Well!