GIZA Dinosaur, Crop Tops, DimepieceLA, Armbands & Platform Sandals

We ran into Misa and Tsumire near the famous LaForet department store in Harajuku. Tsumire Sung is a Bunka Fashion College student originally from Taiwan who we see often around Tokyo. This is the first time we’ve met Misa, and we found out that she’s also from Taiwan.

Misa, on the left with silver hair, is wearing a white crop top with a plaid skirt and platform boots. Accessories include a Dimepiece LA cap, leather choker, and leather backpack. Find Misa on Instagram for more info!

Tsumire, on the right with streaked hair and pink lipstick, is wearing a black crop top with a white skirt and white strappy platform sandals with socks. Her accessories include a cap, a GIZA dinosaur necklace, a safety pin “LOVE” necklace, metal armbands, a Dolce & Gabbana watch, and a quilted purse (with a Toy Story charm). Tsumire is also active on Instagram!

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  1. So badass. The girl with the grey hair has similar style to me! Good to know I’m doing something right. :-3

  2. The girl with grey hair– just wow! She really impressed me. She is like some very hot and beautiful anime character. The grey hair + light brown (gold?) circle lenses combo is so unusual and awesome, wow. The hir is stunning!

  3. They almost look unreal! Too cool to be real, haha ^_^ I like how they compliment each other and are holding hands like good friends.

  4. They compliment one another well. I particularly like the pairing of the gray hair with the sable-gold contacts (& pulling the color into her eyebrows was smart!). The only “miss” is the pair of ill-fitting, white sandals.

  5. I adore Misa’s style! Super cool and cute!!! Tsumire’s hair is awesome. They really compliment each other! I wish we had cool fashion like this where I live!