Giza, Gilfy & Aigle Boots

This is Lisa, a cute 19-year-old student who we photographed in Harajuku. She’s wearing a graphic t-shirt from Giza with cut-off jean shorts and print leggings from Gilfy. Her black boots are from Aigle.

Lisa has a handmade music player holder on a chain around her neck. We asked her about her favorite fashion brand and she told us it’s A Bathing Ape. She also told us that her favorite music is by the band Quruli and the singer Cocco.

Giza, Gilfy & Aigle Boots

Purple headphones & graphic Giza t-shirt

Trendy haircut & gray backpack

Gilfy leggings & Aigle boots

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  1. I love the reoccurring blue in her outfit! Matching colors without being too matchy matchy.