Glad News “Bondage Bear” Top, Sexpot Revenge & Super Lovers in Harajuku

This is Amamin, a 17-year-old student wearing a goth-inspired outfit who we met on the street in Harajuku.

Her tops are from Glad News and Sexpot Revenge, worn over a skirt from Super Lovers. Her plush bag is also from Algonquins and her backpack features wings. Her sneakers are black, worn with skeleton tights. The rest of her accessories – including a red cross necklace, eyeball hair bows, and a studded belt – are from her favorite shop, Sexpot Revenge.

Amamin told us she likes listening to R-Shitei, and that she’s on Twitter.

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  1. She has different colored contacts in each eye. Or am I seeing things? Lol