Gold Gun Belt Buckle Guy in Shibuya

This friendly blonde Shibuya guy was photographed in front of Ichi Maru Kyu (aka Shibuya 109) in the late summer of 2009. His fashion is quite extraordinary, even by Shibuya standards. He’s wearing sunglasses, a gray double layered vest over a white sparkly button up shirt, white pants with red speckles, and pointy gold boots. Most exceptional, though, is his belt and belt buckle. The belt is black leather with jewels on it and gold jeweled crowns. The belt buckle is a large gold jeweled gun. I wish we would have asked about the belt’s brand name!

Shibuya 109 Guys Fashion

Click the above photo to see this Shibuya guy in high resolution!

Update: Thanks to Tokyo_Katie for pointing out that the belt buckle this guy is wearing is by Rob Diamond. Check the comments section for a direct link.

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  1. Yes, this is definitely one stylish looking dude! Was he just hanging around, or on his way somewhere…?

  2. tokyo

    He was walking by the entrance to Shibuya 109 when we first saw him. Not sure where he was going, but he was really nice and he was cool with having his photo taken. There is a lot of extreme fashion around that area of Shibuya, but this guy had the white and gold combo that made him look like a rock star.

  3. Tokyo_Katie

    Yer it’s a great belt buckle and it is a Rock Rebel Glock Gun Belt Buckle you can find it to buy on the Rob Diamond website – he certainly wears it well.

  4. tokyo

    Wow, Tokyo Katie – nice call! Here is a direct link to the belt buckle he’s wearing. Thanks! :-)

  5. Tokyolite

    This guy is soo cool his outfit is way stylish

  6. This guy knows how to stand out and make people say, “Wow.” Very cool indeed…

  7. maru maru san

    Wow, this guy’s style is hot. I’m loving it, especially his belt.

  8. This would make a cool tux for a wedding it would be cool if a groom wore this to his wedding I would so tell my groom to wear this outfit to my wedding. Now all I need is to find a man….=DJust joshing not ready to settle down yet. This would make a cool prom/semi formal tux too! =)

  9. i was over in tokyo not too long ago, and from what i’ve heard from locals… guys who dress like this are known as “pimps” there…
    not your typical pin striped, cane carrying, top hat wearing, pimp.. lol

  10. AH! CLOUD STRIFE ON JAPAN STREETS XD he looks cool, definitely really stylishly