Goth Girl’s Bikini Top, Wedge Sandals & Handmade Cross

This Japanese goth girl with bangs and braids is Setsuko, a 16-year-old student. Her unique outfit includes a black t-shirt under a polka dot bikini top, a black gauze skirt and black chiffon overshirt.

Setsuko’s accessories include a large handmade red cross on a string around her neck and a large button on her lapel. She’s also wearing black wedge sandals and ruffled black socks. Black and silver fingernail polish and a black ring complete her look.
Bikini top & handmade red cross

T-shirt, bikini top & chiffon overshirt

Black & silver nail polish w/ black ring

Handmade red cross w/ sunglasses on string

Black wedge sandals & ruffled socks

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  1. She LOOKS like a FIGHTER…but I think I can take her DOWN!

  2. @STARTIST: haha yeah i remember a similar girl from arcade game.

    I like it is original and the red cross give the suit the all read it needs.

  3. Red cross stands out~~ nisu thought it wld be better if she wore closed platform?! Hahas

  4. Nothing about these pictures say “Goth”, so if she told you that then she is sadly mistaken. But, she does stand out from a crowd, and has made it her own.