Harajuku Girl’s Black Lace Robe w/ Glad News Skull & Safety Pin Top

This Japanese gothic-inspired girl with two long ponytails is Madonna, an 18-year old student. Her outfit consists of a graphic t-shirt with a skull and safety pin print from Glad News, a ruffled chiffon skirt from One Spo and a black lace robe. She’s also wearing sheer ankle socks embroidered with black and white hearts and platform Mary Jane shoes decorated with chains.

Madonna’s accessories include a leather and silver chain choker with a handcuff medallion, several ear studs, and silver and rhinestone frog and lizard earrings. Her black vinyl backpack is from Life Spirit.

We asked Madonna about her favorite music and she said she likes Acid Black Cherry.

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  1. Sammybaby

    Ichiban safety pin & skull shirt………& awesom heart stockings……..&
    Kawaii all round………like necklace with hand cuff ~ %+ = great [scary but draws you in]

  2. Her makeup is so nice. It’s like, a light version of a goth girl. JUST LOVE IT AND I WILL DEFO COPY IT

  3. little french girl

    cool neo goth!!, and yeah nice skin!!

  4. It’d be better if she chose socks that match lacey cardigan (or however it’s called, my english is not that good), and mate backpack, but the outfit is really good, i like how she chose contrast-coloured camisole shirt, and paired hair-accessories with it :) The lipstick looks very good on hear, especially with that hair-colour :) Nice work!