Goth Top Hat & Black Label Tux Jacket vs. Black Peace Now Jacket & Velvet Skirt

We photographed this striking goth couple in Harajuku. The guy on the right in the top hat is a 18-year-old Tokyo Mode Gakuin student named Doi. He’s wearing a tuxedo jacket from Black Label with a black draped top and black leggings from Tripp NYC. His high heel boots are from Shinya Yamaguchi.

Doi’s cute friend is Yuki. She’s also a 19-year-old student. Her outfit consists of a ruffle-trimmed jacket from Black Peace Now, a gray knit top and a tiered velvet skirt. Window pane stockings and laceup work boots complete her look. Accessories include black scrunchies on her twin ponytails and a black lace choker.

When we asked the couple about the favorite fashion sources, Doi told us he likes Shinya Yamaguchi while Yuki named Black Peace Now and Peace Now. We also asked about their musical favorites and found out that Doki likes Acid Black Cherry and Janne Da Arc and Yuki likes Shakalabbits.

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  1. really like the outfit from the guy..but without the shoes. (not my style)! (:

  2. i wanna have a bf like that ^^…and her clothes =p

  3. they’re dressed like that on july???!!! aesome outfits but isn’t it hot?

  4. These outfits and people are beautiful. I love the gothic style they have, but they still have this cute innocents. It is truly gorgeous.

  5. i’m not that big fan of goth style, but this is amazing, i’d hang out with them xd ^^