Gothic Harajuku Designer & Japanese Artist w/ Dark Fashion & Handmade Accessories

Tama (TAM+α) and Barokue are two Japanese creatives that we met on the street in Harajuku.

Barokue – on the right with the floppy hat and piercings – is a gothic accessory designer. His look features an oversized M:E hoodie over a FAR ☆ STAR tee, resale pants, and Demonia boots worn with furry leg warmers. Accessories include a scary teeth necklace and brain ring both from his own brand (Barokue) as well as a badge by TAM+α and a Thrasher backpack. His favorite brand is M:E and he’s active on both Instagram and Twitter.

On the left is TAM+α, a Japanese artist. She is wearing a Ninja Turtles t-shirt under a Page Boy jacket, skinny jeans, and neon sneakers with ribbon laces. Accessories include several badges of her own artwork. She said that her favorite place to shop is anywhere selling vintage American toys. Follow TAM+α on Twitter to see her artwork!

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