Gothic Harajuku Girl in Stigmata, Sex Pot Revenge & Black Peace Now

Here is Yasu, a 20-year-old Japanese university student we ran into in Harajuku. We’ve snapped Yasu previously, and were happy to run into her again! Besides being really friendly, she also speaks English!

Yasu is wearing a cropped black jacket from Stigmata over a long stripes-&-torn-fishnet Stigmata top, short shorts, plaid-print stockings, knit leg warmers, and black heels (or boots?) from Bonita. Accessories include her furry hood (with ears and pockets), gothic under-eye artwork, a Black Peace Now choker with an ornamental metal cross attached, a large eyeball charm (or wallet), and a skull-print shoulder bag from Sex Pot Revenge.

Yasu told us that her favorite fashion brand is Black Peace Now. If you’d like to say “Hello!” to Yasu, or check out more pictures of her fashion and her life in Japan, she is active on Facebook (where she posts in English) and also has her own blog (in Japanese).

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. love everything-from head to toe. wish there was a close up of the tattoo. :)

  2. oosaki nana

    i love her style… nice… i also love the jacket…

  3. Shandi Vargas

    I love all the clothes that are being shown, expecially the punk and gothic clothing I wish America had amazing clothing here like they do in Japan, I also have the same hat scraf thing this girl has :)