Gothic Red & Black Japanese Street Style w/ Leather Hat, Two Tone Hair, Hyper Core Jacket, Glavil, Brindle Rings, Killstar Bag, Rob Zombie Socks & Demonia Platforms

It’s difficult to miss Remon and her eye-catching two-tone, red-and-black gothic streetwear style in Harajuku.

The 17-year-old Japanese student stepped out in a red-and-black graphic print tank top, worn over a black fishnet top, both of which are from Killstar and Glavil. Remon paired her tops with a short black ruffle skirt with zipper trims from Glavil, and tied a monochrome print jacket from Hyper Core around her waist. Black fishnet tights, black-and-red Rob Zombie thigh socks, and a pair of black-and-red platform boots with fishnet details, grommets and silver trims from Demonia completed her outfit. Her accessories – mostly from Killstar and Glavil – include a black leather hat with grommets and chains, a black leather body harness, a red oversized cross necklace, wraparound leather bracelets, a lace leg garter with injections attachments, and multiple Brindle leather o-ring armor rings. In addition, Remon is carrying a monochrome clasp purse sling bag from Killstar.

Killstar is Remon’s favorite fashion label, and she likes listening to Vocaloid and Sheena Ringo. Follow Remon in Twitter and Instagram.

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