Gothic & Lolita Style Harajuku Girls w/ h.Naoto, Frill, Gramm & Yosuke

Here are two cute girls who embody the independent spirit of Harajuku fashion. The girl on the left with gray hair is Nakiduki, a 22-year-old college student. All of the items in her outfit except her Dr. Martens boots are from h.Naoto, an avant-garde designer known for his Gothic styles. She’s wearing a ruffle-trimmed jacket over a black top and pants with laceup detail.

Nakiduki’s accessories include two bondage necklaces, a hairpiece featuring black roses and feathers, two metal belts and four silver rings. Her purse, which looks handcrafted, is also from h.Naoto

The girl on the right with long ponytails is 26-year-old Alumi. Her outfit from h.Naoto Frill includes a burgundy skirt white embroidery and petticoats, a white blouse and a white coat with fur collar. Her coat is tied with a handmade ribbon from Yosuke. She’s also wearing a mini hat decorated with net, fur and buttons from Gramm.

Alumi is carrying a white lace shoulder bag and a velvet fur-trimmed purse from Frill. Cable knit leggings trimmed with fleece and brown platform oxford shoes complete her outfit. You can see additional cute pictures of Alumi on her blog.

Both Nakiduki and Alumi told us that their favorite designer is h.Naoto. Nakiduki’s favorite type of music is visual kei and her favorite band is Plastic Tree.

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  1. InsultKissMe

    GORGEOUS!!! I love the “gothic” outfit!

  2. Beautiful :)

    I specially love the black outfit – that bag and those collars! *O*

    h.Naoto is just awesome.

  3. Crypt Lover

    Everything about them looks excellent! Glad to see the Ren necklace from Nana still is popular!

  4. They’re outfits are amazing~!!

    h.Naoto is my favorite designer too~ I’m pretty sure I have a lot of the same items as they do. I love they way they put them all together though. Frill’s designs are so cute.. I really like the way Alumi put her outfit together~ It all equals out with color really well.

    Nakiduki’s outfit is positively amazing~! I dress in a similar fashion~ Though I wish I had her jacket~ It’s so cute >w<

  5. Very cute!!!!!!! I love the contrast between the outfits!!