Gothic Punk Plaid Harajuku Street Style w/ Twin Tails, Putumayo Hoodie, Deorart Bow Top, Striped Socks, Hangry&Angry Backpack & Platform Boots

Easily catching our attention on the street with her plaid style is Yukachin, whom we often feature on our Harajuku street snaps.

Sporting striking red contact lenses and twin tails with plaid hair bows, Yukachin is dressed in a black double-breasted hoodie jacket with contrast plaid cuffs and ruffled trims from Putumayo, worn over a white ruffle shirt with a red plaid bow from Deorart. A matching red plaid skirt with ruffled lace trims from Putumayo, black-and-white striped thigh-high socks with bows, and a pair of black leather buckle boots with grommets and chain trims finished off her style. Her accessories – mostly from Takeshita Street – consists of hair clips, hair bows and multiple knuckle rings. In addition, she is sporting a monochrome print Hangry & Angry backpack with plaid ruffles.

Yukachin loves visual kei music and she is active on Instagram.

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