Graphic Tokyo Streetwear Style w/ Teal Hair, Cutout Top, Patchwork Shorts, Print Tights, Cote Mer Bag & Denim Sneakers

Wearing an eye-catching graphic streetwear style on Harajuku street is Shiryu, an 18-year-old artist we often feature on our street snaps section.

Sporting an teal hairstyle with purple tips, Shiryu stepped out in a brown graphic print tie-dyed shirt with cutout shoulders, tucked into long multi-print patchwork shorts. Printed tights, denim high-top sneakers with yellow laces, and a Cote Mer cross body bag rounded out his style. He accessorized with pink-framed statement sunglasses, silver chain earrings, a black leather o-ring choker, a leather cuff bracelet, silver chains, silver chain bracelets and multiple knuckle rings.

Cote Mer is Shiryu’s fashion favorite, and he enjoys the music of Faust. Shiryu is active on Instagram.

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