Green Beret, Mini Skirt & Leopard Print Leggings

This cute girl with long blonde hair, leopard-print leggings and a green beret is Maki, a 20-year-old college student. She bought her gray flannel baseball-style Conocoto jacket at a used clothing store. She’s also wearing a white shirt and a floral print mini skirt. Her suede shoes with rocking horse platforms are from Tokyo Bopper and her fabric tote bag with schematic illustrations is from Gigot.

Maki’s accessories from Aquvii and Vivienne Westwood include two cool silver rings and a variety of ear piercings. She has some buttons pinned to her jacket, including one from the Oakland Athletics baseball team. The funny girl-with-her-tongue-out pin on her hat is from the Harajuku shop Dicokick.

We asked Maki about some of her preferences and she said she likes to shop at Macaronic, Aquvii, Haight & Ashbury (the Tokyo store) and Nusumigui. Her favorite musical group is The Telephones.
Green Beret, Mini Skirt & Leopard Print Leggings

Green beret & gary baseball jacket

Green beret & ear piercings

Gigot bag with blueprint drawings

Silver Vivienne Westwood rings

Oakland A's button

Red buckled Tokyo Bopper shoes

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  1. I love her hair style with the green beret with the pin and the ear piercings.
    She is beautiful.

  2. Tauren Druid

    buenisimos leggings! buen linda ella tambien. Great !!

  3. ezra vilda

    love u’r hair colour,ear piercings and rings!!!
    soooo cool XD

  4. Beret it so nice as welll as the jacket not sure about the rest.

  5. Love everything about her outfit! I especially like the buttons on her beret and jacket.

  6. Mariah H.

    I love Tokyo fashion. My dream job trip is to visit tokyo and study their fashion

  7. This girls style is really great! The Dicokick pin looks very much like the illustrations of Nozomi Miyazaki, if that’s not her design. She’s worth googling!

  8. millky_PY

    She looks so cute~~ Her outfits are awesome! I really love her from top to toe.. (>w<)b She is a cute girl after all~~

  9. Cute tokyo bopper!
    I love her hairstyle and a beret :)