Elleanor is friendly and stylish fashion student and indie designer who works at one of Harajuku’s most popular resale shops. Last time we snapped her, Elleanor had a short bob with purple tips. This time, her bob hairstyle is accented with green!

Elleanor’s outfit includes a polka dot aqua dress with a lace collar, knit socks, and white canvas flats. Accessories include a cute flower choker which she made herself (Elleanor sells these chokers on her blog), a kawaii panda head purse, and a large graphic tote bag.

Elleanor likes shopping at Kinji Harajuku (vintage/resale), and her favorite group lately is Dempagumi.inc. Check out Elleanor on Instagram & Twitter!

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  1. Sophie lopes

    I love her style so much! And what’s her Instagram!?(^ω^

  2. aww, she is so cute! Seems like a really nice girl :) SUPER DUPER ADORABLE hair <3