Green Hair, Androgyny, Flame Tights & Leather Jackets in Harajuku

Here are two fun Bunka Fashion College students who we met on Cat Street in Harajuku. The girl on the right, with green hair, is Cathy. The girl on the left is Kaoru. You might recognize Kaoru from her appearances in Kera Magazine. On her website, she describes herself as “Avant-garde, androgynous & kawaii”.

Kaoru is wearing a white leather jacket with black faux leather shorts, Avantgarde Harajuku flame tights, and chunky platform boots from Glad News. Check her out on Twitter for more fun!

Kathy is wearing a black leather jacket with a graphic top, graphic leggings, and tasseled heels. She is also on Twitter.

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  1. Scarlatine

    Wow ! Kaoru’s just so stylish ! Love this simple-but-rock’n’roll look !

  2. They remind me of nana and hachiko too! n_n the one with the black hair is so cute!

  3. D'cute dealovietha Ammoriella

    Woww i like tokyo

  4. I love how Kaoru strikes cute and expressive poses. Such a welcome change from the usual stare! (not that I’m saying that’s bad, but Kaoru’s just refreshing)

  5. They have the best style!!! I used to wear similar style as Kaoru. AWESOME!!!! Both are A+!!!!! :D