Green-Haired Harajuku Girl w/ Sexy Dynamite London & Cream Soda

Here’s an awesome 23-year-old Japanese girl with a green spiked-and-shaved hairstyle who we met in Harajuku. She told us that her name is Racco.

Racco’s wearing an eye-catching asymmetrical coat over side-zip leopard-print pants from Sexy Dynamite London and black leather boots from Golden Retriever. Her accessories include a scarf, several ear piercings, colorful hand tattoos (or body art?), and a shoulder bag from the legendary Harajuku brand Cream Soda.

Racco told us that her favorite fashion brands are Sexy Dynamite London and Stigmata. As far as music, she likes Brian Setzer, The Peppermint Jam, and Sex Android.

Click on any street snap to enlarge it.

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  1. Julia Morgan

    Spirit of 77 all over again. All it would take is a leather or ex-army jacket to make it 100% authentic punk.

    She looks pretty cool, and her hairstyle is wonderful. I’d be interested to see how her style develops over the years.

  2. Dreaded Queen

    My my isn’t she supposed to be scary. That Lil heart tattoo tells me otherwise :). Love her coat!

  3. Oh my, she is the coolest person tokyofashion has ever captured

  4. I usually don’t like leopard-print stuff at all, but these pants are just great. And her asymmetrical coat is very stylish too. Her tomboyish look is somehow captivating…

  5. woow i like the hairs !! * o*
    she is so pretty and her whole outfit is just great!

  6. I saw her picture tumblr and thought “I bet she’s a Sex Android fan”.
    Then sure enough I came here and read that she is!! :3

  7. omg… love everything on her… i love the hair, the bag, trouser, and the jacket too… niceeee…

  8. Isn’t the text on the bag what GDragon has tattooed on his chest? But she is really cool, love her jacket!