Green Haired Girl in Comme des Garcons Harem Pants, Adidas & New Balance

This is Anna, a stylish 18 year old Bunka Fashion College student. She was kind enough to stop for some quick street snaps in Harajuku, and here is what she was wearing:

The heart t-shirt and the harem pants are from Comme des Garcons. She paired them with an Adidas backpack and New Balance sneakers. She is also wearing a black cap and yellow socks.

We asked Anna about her favorite designers and shops, and she said she likes Joyrich and Jeremy Scott. She also likes listening to UVERworld and Kaela Kimura. Follow her on Twitter for regular updates.

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  1. gorgeous and i love this style kind of sporty but sleek :D hair is amazing too im thinking of dying my hair that color!